ICHE Homeschool Convention – Day 2 highlights

A couple of weeks ago I finally had the privilege to attend the ICHE Homeschool Convention with my family. They have been attending the convention for some time now and I was always working and not able to attend.

However, this year I was and I must say it was a very eye-opening event. As I am now taking a more active role in the teaching of our children, I am actively seeking for information on the best methods and trying to reassert that I am doing it right.

I got much more than I was bargaining for at these sessions. While I cannot verbatim give all of the information that I received, I am going to give an honest attempt.

Session 1 – Getting it all done

This session dealt with getting the day done, organization skills and spiritual instruction for kids. The session was very informative and presented in a very light and humorous manner.

Topics included character building, organization skills for kids, how to teach kids to do chores and help them to keep their room clean.

Classroom practice dealt with how to manage the homeschool classroom.

Keynote Address
Presenter: Voddie Bachmann

Presentation dealt with the crucial formation of a child’s worldview.

Inspirational talk that reinforced the facts related to developing a worldview for your children and moving away from the secular one.

He also dealt with the style that we choose to teach. The one thing that really drew my attention was the topic of schedule.
Too often I deal with the issue of being on schedule as it pertains to my child and his classes. Trying to make sure that we stay on task in order to complete at a certain time or date. With homeschooling, am I on my child’s schedule or on the schedule set by the curriculum provider?

Session 3 – Getting kids to help

Session dealt with kids and how to help them to be a help in the home. Many off the examples were based on addressing incorrect behavior.

Encourage good habits.

If they are old enough to take it out, they are old enough to put it back. Keep this age appropriate and have age appropriate expectations.
Look for some helpful printouts at

Rewards and consequences

Rewards for completing the task, not a bribe but a reward for a job well done. Pizza, movie, etc.

Consequences are different. If tasks are not done, something that would impact them could must be enacted.

Reduction of allowance when another child is tasked with doing the job. If a child is tasked to take out trash and it is the job of another child, give child that does the task a $2 increase and other child gets a $2 decrease in allowance. Bet the other child will start making sure that they don’t forget anymore.

Prov. 20:11 – Even a child is known by his doings whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.

Make it easy to succeed. Pictures, tags, make things accessible.

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