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Vetiveah’s Skin Care

During my adventure at the ICHE Homeschool Convention, I had the pleasure of strolling into the Young Entrepreneurs section of the expo. This aisle was devoted to those young homeschool creative businesspeople who came to exhibit their wares.

During my time in this area, I had the pleasure of stumbling across Vetiveah’s Skin Care. This booth and company was founded by an incredible young woman who holds dear the tenets that are near and dear to the heart of the OrganicBabyDaddy.

At ICHE Homeschool Convention
Company founder on the right in green. This is from her booth at the ICHE Homeschool Convention.

This young lady creates and sells natural bath products. Her website, Vetiveah.com  states that,

“We have done the research to ensure the best organic ingredients are in our products to maintain healthy, rejuvenating, and beautiful SKIN for affordable prices.  Also, you can rest assured that ALL of our products are 95-100% natural, free of damaging synthetics, radicals, and any type of characters that would harm the skin own natural process of restoring and moisturizing.”

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I would humbly request that you take a look at her products and site to see all that she has to offer. Her products are healthy and organic, two of the things that I strive to bring to your attention.

Support our youth in their drive for success!! As I come into contact with more young people who have dreams and are making strides to make them come true, I will share them with you.

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