Chicago Food Truck Festival – Part 1

WOW!!! Talk about food for days!!

Had the opportunity to attend the second annual Chicago Food Truck Festival on Sunday and it was GREAT!!

I will be posting these conversations to the series of posts associated with this culinary day of excitement. So without further ado, lets start with…..

1. Geno’s Steak Truck


Geno’s is a steak truck that has been in business for over X years. They specialize in beef and chicken cheese steaks. They use soft rolls and let you choose “with or without”. (Now if you are a real cheese steak -head, I don’t need to explain what that means.) Another choice is the type of cheese you can have, and yes they do have melted cheddar!!!

The truck has been running for 2 years and an be found near Sears Tower, Wacker and Adams and followers can follow them on Twitter to get an up to the minute location as they travel the Chicago area.

PS: Check out the Fatty – Cheese steak with french fries, barbecue sauce, lettuce tomatoes, the works!! They also serve organic drinks and Veggie sandwiches for our veggie friends.

Check them out at: Gino’s Steak Truck.com

2. Haute Sausage


The brainchild of South African native, Rich Levy, Haute (pronounced, “hot”) Sausage is a food truck that specializes in sausages. Rich brings his traditional African culture to the table and combines it with Midwest charm.

The truck has been serving the Chicago-land area for over three years and has a brick and mortar store at 335 S Franklin
Chicago, IL 60606.

From the BBQ Boerewors, a mix of beef and lamb with curried onions and BBQ sauce, to the Corn Bread Gator, Smoked gator sausage topped with house made cornbread & jalapeño pineapple BBQ sauce, the flavor and taste are something to be experienced.

I want to thank Luis for taking time out from the grill to answer my questions. Haute Sausage can be found on line at: www.hautesausage.com and they have a twitter feed that broadcasts the daily location of the truck.

3. Piko Street Kitchen


Piko Street Kitchen is named after the owners parents. They have been in business for 10 months. They serve Modern Asian Street Food. Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine fuel the menu with a modern flair. Lemongrass chicken, Teriyaki Tofu, Bulgogi Ribeye and 5 Spice Pork Belly are the varieties of proteins available.

Once you choose your protein, you select how you want it. Tacos, rice bowl, sliders or Baos (a steamed Chinese bun).

This family owned truck can be found in the loop, Adams and Wacker, Daley Loop as well as some suburban places. They consistently tweet put the location for their followers.  Check them out at: Piko Street.com and follow them on Twitter.

PS: We tried the teriyaki tofu rice bowl and it was great. Small warning, the piko sauce was a little too hot for the little ones, so Dad had to take it. But the owners were very kind and fixed us a milder version and the kids loved it.  As you can see from my son in the picture below.


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