Willy Street co-op – A great organic Co-op in Wisconsin

On a recent trip to Wisconsin,  I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Willy Street Co-op. This organic co-op is located in two locations in Wisconsin.

  1. 1221 Williamson St. Madison, WI
  2. 6825 University Ave. Middleton, WI


Our Mission Statement

The Williamson Street Grocery Co-op is an economically and environmentally sustainable, cooperatively owned grocery business that serves the needs of its Owners and employees. We are a cornerstone of a vibrant community in south-central Wisconsin that provides fairly priced goods and services while supporting local and organic suppliers.

My visit was to the one on University Ave. It is an incredible, clean and fun place to go. Stopping at the information desk right inside the front door, I was greeted with a big smile and a welcome attitude from the young lady who staffed this spot. She answered my questions and had time to go over how things work.

My children were in awe of the variety of food, personal care products and vegan ice cream available. My youngest ones spent a lot of time in front of the giant touch screen monitor playing a matching game of fruits and veggies.

To ensure that I give the proper information, I will quote directly from the Willy Street Co-op “Become an Owner” pamphlet to discuss how things work.

“You become an owner with an investment in equity called your Fair Share. The Fair Share is not a membership fee or annual dues, and you only pay the full amount once. Your fair Share is an investment used to support the cooperative. Your Ownership lasts as long as you wish; You may withdraw your investment at any time. ”

“You may join as an Individual or as a Household by making a one-time payment of $58 or $93, or opt to pay in seven annual installments of $10 or $15 respectively. (All options include a $2 per payment administrative fee.)”

Now let me tell you that what you gain is far more valuable than the small investment that you make. I toured the store and was astounded by the variety and quality of the products available. From the bulk tea and herbs to the incredible organic produce, to the bulk organic cleaning products; the choices available are more than you could possibly ask for from a local co-op.

The service was great and the staff really made you feel at home. One young lady took the time to go over some questions that my wife and I had in regards to some herbal tinctures for my insomnia and anti-inflammatory use. She informed us of the individual ingredients and also presented options to purchase the herbs themselves or in a series of bottled tinctures already compiled with exactly the ingredients that I was looking into.

There is a whole area of gardening tools and plants that come directly from organic sources that can be grown in the comfort of your own garden.


I really enjoyed my visit and cannot wait to get back to have a chance to visit again. If you are ever in Wisconsin and want to stop by, please take the opportunity and don’t forget to tell them that the OrganicBabyDaddy told you.

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