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Southern Hospitality 

On Friday, February 27, 2016, I was the guest speaker at Southern University for their Black Christian Union vesper service. While I was preaching about unity to the student body, a different messa…

Source: Southern Hospitality 

This was a very powerful blog post. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that in the times that we are living in that this type of thing is happening. The evil men do is still the evil that men do. I love ALL my brothers and sisters, ALL of them. When will the day come that we all love one another???? I would hope that the church would be different than the world, but how can it be when both are filled with sinful people???

Chicago Food Truck Festival – Part 1

WOW!!! Talk about food for days!!

Had the opportunity to attend the second annual Chicago Food Truck Festival on Sunday and it was GREAT!!

I will be posting these conversations to the series of posts associated with this culinary day of excitement. So without further ado, lets start with…..

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