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What a timely and appropriate prayer

I have recently started a new journey. I have a new job and had to relocate to a new state. It has been so stressful making this decision and I have more than once second-guessed myself, my motives and my plan.

However, I made the leap, as I so often do, and dived right into the opportunity. With that being said, it has been a real experience and I feel very good about the opportunity and the avenues for growth.

I just wanted to share a prayer that was said right before the Monthly Divisional Meeting yesterday. It really hit home and gave me the strength I needed to get my head in the game and move forward.

I hope that it gives you the same thing.

Click the picture below to see prayer.



Southern Hospitality 

On Friday, February 27, 2016, I was the guest speaker at Southern University for their Black Christian Union vesper service. While I was preaching about unity to the student body, a different messa…

Source: Southern Hospitality 

This was a very powerful blog post. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that in the times that we are living in that this type of thing is happening. The evil men do is still the evil that men do. I love ALL my brothers and sisters, ALL of them. When will the day come that we all love one another???? I would hope that the church would be different than the world, but how can it be when both are filled with sinful people???

Live-In Boxes in Oakland Redefine Housing Squeeze

A village of shipping containers and, for the homeless, tiny houses on wheels are making a mark in a city where rents are rising with an influx of newcomers.

Way to do it Oakland!!! Created by a Philly Native, this solution to the high cost of housing in the Bay Area is innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Where else in the Bay can you live for $600 @ month. Read the article. People are transforming shipping containers into one room apartments with showers, kitchens and many of the comforts of home.

Want to Know Why the Bay Area Has a Housing Crisis? Read This Map. — Medium

I love the Bay Area, but I can see how there could be a housing crisis, especially when you look at the cost of real estate in the region.The Bay Area is growing by leaps and bounds and will grow by another 2.1 million people by 2040. Housing production, how…

Source: Want to Know Why the Bay Area Has a Housing Crisis? Read This Map. — Medium

North Dakota cops will be first in nation to use weaponized drones

It should have been recognized that eventually we would have these operating in urban areas. How many people are aware that this is going on in the United States? How long before we see these machines monitoring our moves? What dictates the “proper” use of this technology?

Just wanted to let you know what is coming.

Source: North Dakota cops will be first in nation to use weaponized drones

For Uber, Lyft Riders With Disabilities, Discrimination Comes Included

Being a new person with a disability, I have become more attentive to news that impact the disabled. This article about Uber and Lyft is very unfortunate and I hope that they come up with a viable resolution.

For users with guide dogs or wheelchairs, it’s not uncommon for Uber and Lyft drivers to deny them a ride.