What a timely and appropriate prayer

I have recently started a new journey. I have a new job and had to relocate to a new state. It has been so stressful making this decision and I have more than once second-guessed myself, my motives and my plan.

However, I made the leap, as I so often do, and dived right into the opportunity. With that being said, it has been a real experience and I feel very good about the opportunity and the avenues for growth.

I just wanted to share a prayer that was said right before the Monthly Divisional Meeting yesterday. It really hit home and gave me the strength I needed to get my head in the game and move forward.

I hope that it gives you the same thing.

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5 Adult Coloring Books For Those New to the Phenomenon – Everup

Looking for a way to experience some calm and peace during some challenging times, I turned to an old friend, the coloring book. Growing up an only child, you gotta find some things to keep you busy. Coloring and comics, two of my go-to things.

I remember having coloring contests to see who could do the best picture. This was when you had to have quarters to play “video games”.  The hours and number of books colored as a child can be incredible. Even if a child chooses to do something other than to be the next  Crayola Picasso, we all touch the cray at some point in our lives

I forged some of my longest friendships across a dining room table with a 32 box laid out between us. When else did you learn to hang with somebody else and just be ok being there and not have to or need to say something?? I should start coloring with my wife. (Hmmm….)

Coloring is making a comeback and it is for the discerning individual(s).  Pick up a book, crayons, pencils, markers, whatever you color best with and turn back the clock to a simpler time when it was all about the color.

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Color Me Calm Coloring Book

Who doesn’t want a pastime that relieves stress, trains your brain to focus, sharpens your fine-motor skills…and makes you feel like a kid again?

Source: 5 Adult Coloring Books For Those New to the Phenomenon – Everup

These Black-Owned Restaurants Are Plant-Based Perfection | PETA

This mother and son run one of the coolest vegan restaurants in NYC. Check out this article to find out about them and many other Black-owned vegan eateries around the country. Check them out and let them know that The OrganicBabyDaddy put you down.

It’s quite possible that one of these 29 Black-owned meat-free restaurants could be around the corner from you. Check them out!

Source: These Black-Owned Restaurants Are Plant-Based Perfection | PETA


Take Back Your Finances #31: Don’t Forget About Your Beneficiaries

Do not let the future of your loved one be left to chance. Make the necessary moves right now to ensure that what you leave to them they will get. Done leave this to chance and place your family into a tailspin along with the grief of your slumber. This is a powerful article that needs to be digested and shared with others.

Organic Thoughts to You All….

Don’t assume or misunderstand who your beneficiaries are on your assets, don’t let your death be too late to be sure you have allocated your assets to whom you really want.

Source: Take Back Your Finances #31: Don’t Forget About Your Beneficiaries